Did Viralstyle ignore your DMCA / Copyright complaint. How to send a DMCA notice to them.


ViralStyle is a website that is just like Teespring.com

There is only one difference. ViralStyle is not eligible for DMCA protection. They pretend they are a “online service provider” and accept DMCA notices, but they do not process them.

In order to be considered a provider under the DMCA, a website must not be solely used for copyright infringement. Kim Dotcom and other website owners who are engaged in copyright infringement always say “they accept DMCA notices”, but under the law, the website must have other users other then those who take others intellectual property. Megaupload did not match that and either does ViralStyle. On top of that, the website does not even have a Copyright DMCA agent registered with the US Federal Government, which is also a requirement under the DMCA.

How to remove infringing content on Viralstyle:

Under the DMCA, you send a notice of claimed infringement to the online service provider (“OSP”). In other words, you send the notice to the company that owns the server the website is hosted on.

The server host for Viralstyle.com is Amazon’s AWS. From there you look up the email to send Amazon the notice.  (Must meet DMCA requirements).

The email to send the notice to is: [email protected]

Our company sends a couple a week to Amazon. They typically reply within 4 days. After Amazon gets the notice, they shut down the server. Viralstyle has the choice of removing the infringing content or letting that server stay down and therefor the product.

Did Viralstyle ignore your notice or reply asking for more information and ignore you again after sending that? Please share your story in the comment box below.

Are you having trouble with sending a DMCA to Amazon? Please contact us and I will try to help you.

Remember, Viralstyle is not protected under the DMCA, so you can sue them for anything their users do.


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