This is what happens if Obama disagrees with you. Peter Thiel edition.


I can make this post about how the Obama regime sends the IRS after groups he does not agree with, or all the other illegal tactics he uses to punish those who he does not like. However in this post I will talk about how the Government is now trying to target Mr. Thiel only because he supports Donald Trump.

During the Republican Convention, Peter endorsed Donald Trump. What followed the next week is straight from the Twilight Zone. Via

The lawsuit, filed and announced Monday by the Department of Labor, threatens the complete cancellation of every contract Palantir has with the federal government — a penalty worth $340 million, the lawsuit claims, which would end the company.

The claims in the lawsuit are laughable. The Obama administration alleges that Palantir discriminated against Asians. But it has to admit that Palantir, in fact, hired many Asians — 11 out of 25 software engineers, for example. The government does not even bother to claim that Palantir deliberately excluded Asians. Rather, it argues that since only 44% of Palantir’s software engineers are Asian, but 85% of the applicant pool was Asian, Palantir must, statistically, have discriminated against Asians.

When I first read the headline, I was thinking that Peter had hired to much people from a Asian ethnicity, since the population only makes up 5.5% of the United States. However the Government read it a different way. I guess no matter what, the Government will always find a way to call you racist if they really want too.

Remember the last time a company challenged Obama –> S&P calls federal lawsuit ‘retaliation’ for U.S. downgrade.

From IRS audits, being sued for being “racist”, etc…  The United States Government, circa 2009-2017.


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