Review of Tigard Regency Inn. Worst motel in Oregon. Do not go.


Last night I stayed at the Tigard Regency Inn which is located right off highway 99 at 11455 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard, OR 97223.

This is the worst hotel in all of Tigard. First let me show you my room I stayed in. Watch this video of the tour I gave:

Yes, the lookout hole was missing so they put in a disgusting piece of Styrofoam to block it. Had hair all over it. As you can also see from the video, there was major stains on the carpet and table.

The outlet was missing the cover and wiring was exposed. I do not think that is conforming to Oregon Hotel Regulations. The towels they gave me had holes all over them. So cheap!

The AC gets its air from the outside, so that means when someone is smoking outside, all that air gets sucked into your room, and trust me, everyone here but me was smoking.

On top of that, there was a lot of shady characters here.
The room next to me was a ex con just released from jail. The walls are so thin you can here any conversation and this guy screamed when he talked, so I heard him very well. He talked about his jail time and about every other hour the group started fighting.

The management of this place are the cheapest people I have meet. It is run by a immigrant Indian family and they hardly speak a word of English. You will have to ask them to repeat what they said every second. They got very mad at me after I asked them “what” over and over.

Someone called on the phone when I was checking in. The person on the phone could not understand either, so the manager screamed at him and slammed the phone.

The Coffee they have there is the cheapest brand ever. Probably imported from China. You know it is cheap when you see the manager drinking a Blackrock coffee and not his own. And he is cheap, but not cheap enough to drink the crap he offered.

This was all after I paid $78 including tax for this shitty room. Stay away! The next day I left and went to the Motel 6 off of exit 290.

Also there is police here about every day. There is a bar next to this place that sometimes I go to and everytime I drink there I see emergency vehicles there. Drug overdoses, drug dealing, fighting, etc…

Save your money and do not go here.


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